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You can submit an idea directly through the website of your chosen brand below.
This activity is not controlled by - we just gathered links for you. Please find here some important infomration for direct submission:

  • The rules of submission is detailed on the website of the given brand
  • Patenting your idea recommended but in most of the cases it is not mandatory
  • Relevance of your idea to the given brand's core business is crucial for the success
  • The idea acceptance level and complexity varies company by company
  • In some of the cases there is periodic submission (eg. once a year) so there is a deadlines which might have passed or it is to come still this year, but we anyway collected the links for you
We wish you great success of submitting your idea directly to the Global Brands!

If you want to also be part of the our Idea Challange which is fully controlled by sign up now and we will inform immediately when it starts. Through Idea Challange you can win awards or prizes and normally the process is also simplified.

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(award or some kind of prize winning possibility)
(dedicated idea site, it is relatively easy to submit an idea)
(submitting the idea through email)
(dedicated innovation site)
(start ups are welcome)
(only patented ideas are accepted)
(it is rather a feedback site, not so much dedicated for business ideas)
(idea submission is limitted to some territories)
(idea submission with deadline, current timing might be beyond deadline)
(relatively complex to submit an idea)

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