"Human insights are missing from big data"

The above quote is comming from Tricia Wang who had a TED Talk at TEDxCampbridge in 2016, and she explained that besides big data companies need "thick data" as well, "precious data from humans that cannot be quantified".
She was working for Nokia in 2009 in a research position. At that time Nokia was the largest mobile phone company of the world. Based on the individual customer feedbacks, she already foresee that a big change is about to come but "Nokia was not convinced because it was not big data". The survays of Nokia at that time were designed to map and understand better the existing business models.

We believe that our services can provide companies, with a kind of "thick data", a type of feedbacks which could have avoided Nokia's big drop of market share.

Small ideas can make big difference

One example for the power of ideas could be the following. Recently Philips came out with a new TV which has some LED lights on its back. "The LEDs cast on-screen colours onto the walls, and into the room, in real time. The screen will seem bigger" and most probably the whole idea is less of a technological improvement than just a brilliant consept. This type of ideas could generate huge incomes for an international company and ideas4globalbrands.com can help to collect them.


Ideas bring innovation and innovation has many great benefits for a company:
  • It improves brand oppinion and value.
  • It attracts new customers, but it also improves overall customer satisfaction, which increases loyalty to the given brand.
  • It improves productivity, it reduces costs and eventually increases profit.
  • It keeps the company competitive, it helps to stay ahead of the pack.

Startup ideas

More and more international companies are opening towards startup. Purchasing startups is dirversifying the portfolio, reducing the risks, can create enourmous opportunities and it can help to sustainably run a company for long time.
ideas4globalbrands.com can provide link between international companies and startups to reach each other.

We can help to find solution for a given problem

Our intention is to get in touch with more and more students worldwide, and once an international company is raising a specific problem to us, our users (both students and proffessionals of a various industries) can find solutions, provide all sort of proposals, work out details in order to solve the given problem. Of course best solutions needs to be rewarded but we believe that the price of some awards has proper return on investment.

Potential pre-selection of ideas

If an internation brand is chosing our Idea Challange service, and request ideas from our users, it can happen that high number of ideas are comming in. Based on the brief received from the international brand we can pre-select the ideas, save time for our client and forward only the most relevant ones. Of course ideas are treated at the highest confidentiality standards.

Create and manage the dedicated Idea Site

We can design, create and the operate an international brand's own, dedicated idea site. We believe that having an innovation site for in 2019 is a real expectation of the customers. Operating the site means that we animate the cusotmers, generate more ideas, then manage them in line with the expectations of the international brand but also assuring the highest customer satisfaction.

We are open for partnerships

If you any idea how to partner up with us, please do get in touch with us.


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